Thursday, 11 April 2013

(Day 11) Three Legged Race

Arms tangled round each others waists,
They take a few steps in union
Before tumbling together
To the ground in a heap
With the grace of lovers
Rather than excited friends.

Arms covered in mud
But game enough to brush the sweat
Off their collars
Even though everybody
Is treating them like
A pair of stand up comics.

Game enough to keep smiling
Even after one of them pulls
The both of them down
Before the other does it in reverse
Until it gets to the stage
When others would have snapped,

Carry on laughing
Before them stopping
And throwing a look at me
As if to say don’t worry about us
And disappeared forever
From my eyesight.

(Day 11 asked from asked for
a tanka. As I was having a bad day at work - I didn't get chance to think about it but instead wrote the above piece about a three legged race after over hearing a conversation in work)

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