Thursday, 4 April 2013

(Day 4) Flying High

They must be looking down
at our home from the sky
when they pause suddenly
for a few seconds.

Studying our chimney
and the smoke lingering out
off like breadcrumbs.

Our garden
and our shed
with drilling making the ground
sound like a earthquake
was happening.

Your brother's car
and trailer
which have been there
since last Christmas,

and your pond
which next door's cat
keeps visiting
frustrated with the 
constant nets,

arrow driven

flying high with her tapping.

(Day 4 of Napwimino asked for something with a spaceship feel. This piece however came froma  conversation with a friend of Ireland recently who recently described a incident about low flying birds which stopped midair going past their house which was near enough a spaceship for me - lol)

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