Monday, 15 April 2013

(Day 15) The Other Side of the Gate


(First of all, on my main blogsite and write out loud, I have blogged
a poem about Hillsborough which was a football diaster which happened
in 1989 today or roundabouts. It is not a napwimo poem as it was wrote
at the end of last month but previously unpublished and wrote in
memory of the people who were killed. This can be read here and here.
My poem today followed the prompt by Jo Bell who asked us to
write about our favourite place. This was going to be a school poem
as I walked past a old school this morning but the poem took a life
of it's own later.
Andy N)
On the other side of the gate
I can see you smiling
Like a window with a polished surface
As you whisper my name twice
Causing my glasses to steam up.
Once upon a time
I would have stood where you were
On the other side of the gate
Tracking footsteps every lunchtime
Dropping my sandwiches
In the sandpit
And trying to dig under
The school fences.
Once upon a time
I would have stood there
Tied up in moth like chains
Head locked in inter school fights
Across the football pitches
Numbed in broken illusions
And bullying class mates
On the other side of the gates
Before I flew away
Like a butterfly in full motion,
Forever inside looking out.

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