Friday, 5 April 2013

(Day 5) Statue

In my photograph
you are still sat in the fields at Rowarth
cradling a statue
like a freshly born infant
swaddled with a blanket
wrapped around you
in a rag doll moment
of aching tenderness.

In my photograph
you are holding onto your scarf
as the wind
blows in and out
like a broken curtain
beretting the air
until every movement
looks almost effortless,

every movement 
shape shifting across the grass
whispering across
the curled milk sky
before throwing down
another lashing of
early spring time showers
soaking your baseball cap,

something we laugh about
even to this day. 

(Rowarth is a hamlet about 2.5 miles (4 km) north of New Mills in the High Peak borough of Derbyshire, England. It is on the edge of the Peak District,Sadly owning to the internet being down at work, i didn't see the prompt for today until after I had wrote this)

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