Tuesday, 30 April 2013

(Day 30) Final Poem

Just as you thought
The city had turned into cubes
And our lives had burnt themselves out
Into shadows dropping off the quays
You remember how things were different.

Remember Elm trees
Tied up high fences
Like prisoners of war
And limping trains passing
With open begging bowls.

Helicophers tracking your 
Movements in the skies
And gateposts rattling in the wind
With the slight stench of petals
Twisting like kisses.

Thin palls of mist
Freezing the sunset
And choking the smoke
From the nearby factory
Until it stops,

Swirling in the past

Embracing what comes next.

(Thanks to all for reading. this poem is closure in more than one way.
While i will be glad of the rest, it has been great fun. I have uploaded the collection onto lulu should you wish to buy a hard copy of it - it is here http://www.lulu.com/shop/andy-n/30-poems-in-30-days-2013/paperback/product-20998224.html)

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