Saturday, 6 April 2013

(Day 6) Secret Love

Dear all;

Before I give you all my poem for today, I did a reading the other night featuring the poem blogged here a few days ' forgotten voices of the holocaust' this can be seen here

NaPoWriMo hasn't put up their prompt for today yet as of typing, but here is my poem for today
a poem about secret Loves.

Secret Love

You claim you would never
go to a football match with me
but I know otherwise.

You say you would fall asleep
after ten minutes
of watching the ball fly around
the ground
like a rocket
but I know otherwise.

I know you would secretly cheer
when I am not looking
and boo the ref
everytime he gives
a dodgy decision
against us.

You would throw
your programme on the floor
everytime they attack
and swear so loudly
the stewards would put
their fingers on their mouths.

You would push everybody
out of the way at halftime
to get to the coffee van
and start pacing up and down
the stands
until they started the second half.

And when it gets to 4.45pm
and the referee whistles at
the end of the match,
you would join in with
the cheers
or the groans
as we leave the ground
before asking me again
can I come again next time?

The reality is totally different of course
but it's good to dream.

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