Monday, 22 April 2013

(Day 22) Divorced Memories

I know you still miss
Those old rock t shirts
Which you used to parade
All over your back
Like steel tipped arrows.

Miss bouncing off the walls
Off the fishbowls
And off Big Mac Dave
When headbanging
To Nine Inch Nails's Closer
Even thou you are glad
You have now lost touch. 

Know you still miss
Your hair down your back
And the way some of the kids
Used to call you a girl
Before smiling at you mother
When she complains
About your brother
Looking like a reject
From ZZ top.

Memories and music
Interspred in the past
Like lost countries 
Divorced and sent
Into exile.

Divorced with
A special vitality 
Scattered like leaves
Into dustbins
You see how it was,

And despite the regrets
You wouldn't change a thing.

(Day 22 sadly was wrote when ill with back problems and the pain brought back
Memories of bad pain when headbanging in Rock World and 
the poem became a elegy to a former self). 

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