Tuesday, 23 April 2013

(Day 23) Let's hope..

Let's hope Spring stays this year longer
Than a garbled afterthought.

Let's hope in this Spring 
We are able to wander round the meadows
Near where I was born
And this Spring we are able to walk
Past the horses which always sigh at me
With a look at me you again?

Let's hope in this Spring 
We are able to walk down past the river
Round the back of Guide Bridge station
Like we wanted to do last Summer
And got stopped at least three times
By the rain.

Let's hope in this Spring
We will be able to wear shorts 
A bit more than we did last year
And this Spring
Neither of us get hit again
With Summer Flu
And don't pass it backwards
And forwards to each other
Like a warped game of tennis.

Let's hope in this Spring
We have a nice break away
And not in a hotel which 
Looks like it should have put down
Thirty years ago
And the wind keeps trying to
Throw my hat into the ocean,

Before shifting back again
Into Winter in the middle of April.

(Day 23 as noted in Day 22 was also wrote in spiralling pain
And was originally going to be a earth poem but the reasonably
Nice weather produced this Spring like poem again instead). 

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