Friday, 26 April 2013

(Day 26) Skywriting

Skywriting across ripples of wood
And the brow of the hill
Over the horizons of the hotel
Into a review of the waves.

Skywriting across rainbows
Pretending to have fun
Blindfolded into a barrel of
Sniggering windswept giggles.

Skywriting with a ball point pen
Through pateroral scenes
Of short breaks
Before waving goodbye.

Skywriting through Cleverleys
Onto Fleetwood
And past the pensioners
Waiting outside our hotel.

Skywriting in forgotten whispers
With the stones of experiences
And ferries which remind
Tied up in my heart,

Facing the wrong way home. 

(Day 26 is alas another Blackpool poem which came to light today
after watching the writing in this sky this morning)

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