Monday, 29 April 2013

(Day 29) Subtle Escape

Yes, I have no further documents
of my past I can draw on.

No memories left in the ruins
Of my second school
Which almost caused me
A breakdown at 15
Or anything about being at
Youth training 18 months later
Which managed that.

Nothing about working at Macess
In Trafford Park
Or Easi Trim twenty yards up the road
Both of which had me sweeping
Up the car park
During my first day.

Nothing about working in Castlefield Art Gallery
After fleeding my first scheme
After being beat up several times
And frequently getting my hours mixed up
Or Marks Menswear
Who got rid of me on my fourth day
After incorrectly measuring up a customer
And nearly choked him.

Nothing about eight and a half years
At Great Universal at 2 jobs I hated
And a year temping as a kitchen porter
Here, there and anywhere
It becomes like a Jigsaw puzzle
Where I actually worked,

Buried in a maddening kiss
So each place became as much
As a race
But a leap across high fences

A leap from page to page

Life to life

Burying myself constantly
In subtle escapes
From each place

Constantly re-inventing myself.

(Day 29 was sadly wrote before the prompt for today came through which asked us to throw in bits of other languages into the pieces. I did actually try here but the piece told me to forget it and bits of my past instead came into it)

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