Sunday, 14 April 2013

(Day 14) Refugee from the past

Those hills that followed behind her
Followed her like a keyhole to a door
And the waves that kissed her feet
Reminded her of long dead cat.

The breeze turned blue
Before whistling like Superman
And the shadows started laughing
Sounding like a noir film.

The stars turned into bush fires
Before declaring wars with the sunrise
And the sand stuck to her hair
Like a refugee from the past

Screaming from the boats
Which droned past her in the distance
And the slight fog which disappeared
As she walked slowly into the waves,

Washing away her demons
Like a Spider cutting away
From it’s own web. 

(Day 14 of NapoWriMo asked us to write in the voice of a superhero. I've done this before
in my first book 'Return to Kemptown' with a piece called 'Forgotten Hero' which can be seen here and while I considered writing another piece maybe in that series, this piece sort of took over
dealing with a very different kind of person)

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